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700 trx modifications

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I have a 700TRX XX and need to make some modifications to make it perform better. I am open to any and all suggestions.Be brand specific. Thanks
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If your mechanically inclined and know how programmers work than I'd say go for it. As far as tires go ... Maxxis Razors are nice ITP Holeshots are too! they're alot of great choices out there it all depends on you and your riding style, what kind of terrain you'll be on ECT. Bolt on mods are the easiest not necessarily the cheapest though, change the exhaust, air filtr set-up upgrade the ignition, (you may can do that through the computer? as well as the timing Advancing the timing a little will give you a little more pep. these are suggestions, please do your homework before beginnig any mod. With each mod you add there will have to be changes to you computer to compensate for them, you may not see much of a diffrence if you don't for instance if you add a better filter system you may see a demand for more fuel ECT. ECT. Good luck.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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