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4x4 to a 2x4. 2000 Rancher 350 4x4

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Hey all . New to the forum and Honda Atv. Doe anyone know if you can take the front driveshaft and cv axles off and run as a 2 wheel drive .
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Well that is an interesting question! Not many want to convert their 4x4 to 4x2, usually its the other way around.

Anyway, you'll need to leave the axles in place so your wheel bearings & hubs stay where they belong. I imagine the front diff would fill with garbage pretty quick too, if those axles were pulled out.

You may be able to put a 424 kit on it though.... they are a bit pricey but worth the cost, IMO.

Welcome to the forums!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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