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4x4 problem

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Hey guys I’m new to this I have a 2016 Honda 420 electric shift 4wd, and my 4wd has been acting weird it won’t engage when I put in 4, but if I ride a little it will engage, sometimes the 4wd letters in my display with come in and out, any ideas? Thanks in advance
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Its probably wet harness connectors. Those connectors are not sealed very well from the factory, none of them are waterproofed. So you'll have to take both fenders off and open each connector pair, then dielectric grease each one before snapping them carefully back together. Its time consuming, but its the only choice ya got. Thankfully the tube of dielectric grease that you'll need costs less than 10 bucks. Unhook the battery before you begin and be very thorough... and be very careful with all of those fragile plastic retainers. Get a copy of the service manual before you begin and read it... especially the warnings... Welcome to the forums!
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