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4x4 problem

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Hey guys I’m new to this I have a 2016 Honda 420 electric shift 4wd, and my 4wd has been acting weird it won’t engage when I put in 4, but if I ride a little it will engage, sometimes the 4wd letters in my display with come in and out, any ideas? Thanks in advance
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An oxygen sensor? For 4x4 not engaging properly?
haha..don't ask me why I put that there ??..musta been reading another bad. i'll delete answer the problem...try looking into the speed sensors at the front :).
Where is the speed sensors at? I’m about to take my fenders off and try the connectors he was talking about to
most speed sensors are either bolted on/near the front diff ?, or at the back of the motor on that model near the output shaft ?. have a look in the service manual if you can get it from the site here ?.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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