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450r Rear shock

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I have a 2003 400ex and I want to up the suspension on it and I saw this rear 450r suspension and wasnt sure if it would fit or if its a good deal? heres the link please help!!! 04 TRX 450R Rear Shock TRX450 450 TRX450R Back Linkage : eBay Motors (item 260510229463 end time Mar-20-10 21:00:19 PDT)
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My 450 rear shock is out of the quad. I can measure from eye to eye and how thick the mounting points are. You could then measure the same on yours. That will tell you if it will work.
You probably can't use the linkage.
By not using the linkage on a swingarm that uses linkage you are drasticly changing the geometry.
I don't doubt that it would fit like that. That would make the quad sit really high. My bottom mount on the shock sits level with the bottom of the swingarm. By not using linkage you would raisee the back about 3".
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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