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450r Rear shock

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I have a 2003 400ex and I want to up the suspension on it and I saw this rear 450r suspension and wasnt sure if it would fit or if its a good deal? heres the link please help!!! 04 TRX 450R Rear Shock TRX450 450 TRX450R Back Linkage : eBay Motors (item 260510229463 end time Mar-20-10 21:00:19 PDT)
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I got it all mounted on, its fits good. I had to use the piece of the linkage that went to the swingarm from the 400 shock and the it sits even a lil bit lower. It works real good
Give me a day or so, It needs cleaned up and i've been sick. haha
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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