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450 ES shift motor assembly tips

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I recently acquired a 1999 450ES with just 82 hours and 890 miles. It's extremely clean and well maintained,however it was plagued with ES shift problems. Lots of research(mainly this forum), I decided to remove all the plastics,go over all electrical connectors,and clean and lube the shift motor and gears. Everything went smooth. The shift motor armature was black colored where the brushes make contact,and there was barely any grease on the shifting gears. Using alligator clips to hold the brushes is a great help,however when putting the housing on it'll suck the armature right out!! After about 3 times of this happening ,,I GENTLY applied vise grips to the gear on the end of the armature to hold it into the brush housing,,BINGO ! Slid the housing over the armature and got the bolts in. Hope this helps someone...especially if you're doing this by yourself !
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WoW, good find.. i used dialectic grease on all my connectors., and NLGI grade #2 100% synthetic white grease.. it was Pennzoil Marine grease..
many here like both these greases, for their purposes. i like the vise grip, tip..
it wouldnt be fair, if i didnt tell you my shifter aint working.. i had it working, and decided to jump a relay one more time. the small voice in my head was saying, dont do this, i did it anyway. then i hurt my back. and havent got to fixing it yet..
i'm glad ya got er running.. :)
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