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I have a 2008 rancher 420 4x4 ES. I can not get it to shift. I replaced the angle sensor, checked all the connections, and still nothing. It's throwing a code on the dash. One long blink, and 3 quick ones. I was told it was the angle sensor, but I don't know. What do I need to do to fix my problem?
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I gotcha. thanks. I just did all that an checked everything again all the way back to the cdi box. Cleaned and put that grease on them and still nothing. I'm still not sure whats going on
I checked all the way from the handle bars to the back of the fourwheeler. Everything is cleaned and greased. still no response its still showing the same code on the dash
yeah i'm pretty sure it was ran in the mud
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The battery seems to be strong so far. It hasn't went dead with me messing with it. I can clean the terminals and see
is there a website i can download it off of?
We manually shifted through all 5 gears. All of them show up on the dash. We got it to up shift but no down shift. Turned out the shift motor winding's were shorting out. We temporarily fixed the shift motor to test it. Well it up shifted through all 5 gears. No down shift. We are getting power to and from the down shift button. It cleared all the codes on the dash when we fixed the motor. (I ordered a new shift motor) don't know what's going on? We tested power to the shift motor while we pressed the down shift button. We got no power. All fusses, and connections have been checked. I have ALREADY replaced my angle sensor. We've tried everything we know. What's going on?
We have it token off, and back in neutral. We are waiting on the new one should be in this week. Could the CDI box be causing this?
The shift motor shorted out on the inside of it
The shift motor it self was messed up. We fixed the shift motor temporarily to run a test. It would up shift but would not down shift electrically not manually. We had to manually down shift it to get it back in neutral
Thanks! that's the closest answer we have gotten. I will try that. They are definitely a pain, but nice when working correctly. Could it being out of time cause it to throw the angle sensor all out of wack?
Thanks y'all, I got the new shift motor in fixed all the timing, greased everything, and cleaned everything. We still got no change, no down shift
I might have miss worded it. My bad. Yes i have up shifting but no down shifting. It has power to and from the down shift button. It's like its going somewhere and stopping
Only code it's showing is code 12. That's supposed to be fuel injection, but that's just a lose wire or connection. And yes all the gears show when you upshift. Only thing we came up with is the cdi we went through and checked wires, no broke ones
We put all the shift gears back in time also
Here's an update, sorry I'm late. Still not electrically down shifting. I have literally done everything, and checked everything. From wires, to connections, fuses, and still nothing. I have replaced the angle sensor, shift motor, and crazy as it sounds the computer. (because we have not found anything wrong mechanically, or electrically.) I have checked the timing on the shift gears, all of that was great. We are getting power to in from the down shift button. I have talked to a mechanic at my local honda shop back and forth some. I have done everything he has told me, and nothing has worked. He told me today he didn't really know what else to tell me. My clutches don't need to be adjusted he said. I don't know what else to do? Honda's electric shifts were not a good design. Love the fourwheeler, but not the electric shift.
It is also not throwing anymore code's.
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