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For a wile now i have been looking for a high flow filter for my rancher . Nothing has turned up. had a ui but it is just a stock replacment using the stock filter cage . so i went on K&N site and searched some measurments and found one that is really close to stock measurments RU-0910 . well that is fine and good. honda has no way of mounting it ti the intake because it is rubber and you can not tightin it down . so what i did was to cut the factory cage apart at the base and remove all the epoxy that holds the cage in place . you really have to make sure it is clean .than what i did was to take the flange that the filter screen fit into and flaten it out . after is is flaten out i had some 3inch i.d pipe that had a 1/4inch thick wall i slid the filter cage piece into and i peened it toward the pipe . making and adapter that now fits inside, but will not go into the intake . now alyou have to do is the slide the new k&N filter over the collard and tight in the clamp and it is done .it sounds hard but it only took me about 15 mins to do ill try to have some pics soon .
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