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420 Rancher drive shaft turns, but...

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I'm the mechanic on a farm, so I haven't been driving it, but the farmer says it would "slip" now and then, but he never heard any grinding or scary noises.
A quick peek in the oil filler hole tells me the ring gear is turning.
I'm thinking stripped splines on the axle.
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Yes if you turn the rear wheels the drive shaft turns. Just gotta take it apart and investigate like youre doing.
If it's 4x4 you can put it engage 4x4 and test the clutches and see if it shifts thru all gears before spending any more money or time on it.
This sounds like a severely abused bike that may require bottom end work too.
Lol it just sounds abused because it takes a lot to wreck splines in the rearend plus you rebuilt the top end. Debris is what causes the most havoc in rearend it gets past seals and ruins bearings. if you have any play it the diff with the axle in you'd need bearings as well. But I tell ya parts for a diff with labor is really high. Check the price of a new diff on partzilla to compare.
Speaking of debris did you find out why the top end went bad? Some causes are that it was hot then was ridden in water causing the cylinder to egg shape or debris(muddy water) got inside the engine or an air filter was either absent or super dirty or my personal favorite is when the oil plug on the bottom of the motor gets stripped leaving pieces of metal in the engine to cause havoc...... debris in the motor regardless of muddy water or metal pieces require bottom end work to remove or the top end will just go bad again.

It'd be worth checking those clutches first since the rear has problems if you have 4x4. Also listen for the oneway bearing going bad. When you kill the running engine do you hear a winding noise that comes to a clunk stop?
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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