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420 Rancher drive shaft turns, but...

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I'm the mechanic on a farm, so I haven't been driving it, but the farmer says it would "slip" now and then, but he never heard any grinding or scary noises.
A quick peek in the oil filler hole tells me the ring gear is turning.
I'm thinking stripped splines on the axle.
Any other ideas?
Thanks in advance
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The clutch slipping would stop the shaft from turning, right?
Once the shaft is turning, it should turn the rear wheels, I think.
I just got the wheels off the ground and when I turn the rear wheels, the drive shaft doesn't turn.
And it sounds crunchy.
I'm thinking maybe stripped splines on the axle.
I JUST did a top end on this thing, too...
Severely abused?
Bottom end work?!
What did I post that could possibly lead you to those conclusions?
Why did I even bother asking?
It's up on the lift.
Start tearing it apart Monday.
It seems like if it's the diff, I'll probably send it to Honda instead of buying the special tools.
The top end was apart because a &%#$ spark plug self destructed.
As near as I can tell, the center electrode broke and it continued to run until it finally hammered the outer one off.
Found the pieces sitting on top of the piston.
No damage to valves or seats.
Honed it, fresh rings and off we go.
This machine is used a lot around the farm, but never for towing or anything...just getting around...fixing fences...chasing cows...
Turns out the axle splines are shot.
I'm assuming the axle material is softer than what it splines into so the cheaper/easier part wears out first.
Odd, seems like if it's hardened properly it should last as long as anything else on the machine.
Whatever...I can't believe a new one is EIGHTY BUCKS.
I would have guessed 250....y'know...Honda.
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1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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