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420 100 mile check

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I did the 100 mike check on both of my 420s today and now I know why the dealer wants 300+ to do this service. You have to do about 2 hours of disassemble and reassemble just to do a 5 minute check of the valve adjustments. Neither one of mine needed any adjustment after I checked them. I think I will be a little faster next time now that I know how everthing comes apart and goes back togeather. Oil and Filter change was easy.
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anytime you say '' dealer '' can hear from them..'' did you bring your check book ? '' hour to take it apart..and 10 min's to check and change things...this is how the dealers get you big time !..this is the very reason i do all my own work..i save sooooo much money that way.
I bought a manual when I broke my right front axle and that has to be the best investment I have made for my quad!
agreed ^^^^^^^^^^^^..this is the best investment anyone can do.
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