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416ex custom intake setup

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So while I was bored waiting for my topend parts to come in I did something to keep my mind busy. I added a custom snorkel type intake. I got tired of the paint can lid in the old snorkel hole and even though I have a open lid with an outerwares on it and most likely there will be no gain from this performance wise. It cost almost nothing and I'm kinda digging how it looks and turned out. I used a piece of flexable intake tube you can get at autozone that I had laying around in my garage. A old outerwares. A boat intake tube flange I got on ebay for 8 bucks shipped. It threaded on the 3inch tube nicely and I sealed it all together with some high temp rtv. I also ordered a 3.25 inch fender exit exhaust trim ring I picked up on ebay also for 18 bucks. So total out of pocket was 26 bucks. The 3 inch tube went right over the stock rubber on the airbox that the stock plastic snorkel went into.


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