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Okay, at the dunes today and not sure what happened. Not sure if I killed the battery or what is actually going on. Bike has ran fantastic all day, no issues whatsoever. Then my buddy got royally stuck and left the ignition on for about an hour, possibly with the lights on, just don't remember. Anyways, got pulled started and ran fine. Ran for about 10 minutes and then hit my reserve in my tank. Tried to start and had absolutely no power. Didn't even attempt to start. Got pull started again, fired right up and runs good. Ran for a good hour or so (idling) and then went back to camp. Again, completely dead with nothing at all. Like it never charged anything at all. Hooked up a jump pack and I have nothing at all. No lights, no neutral, no nothing. Again, pull starts no problem and runs and idles great..

I'm at the dunes and have no tools or diag equipment with me, so right now just need to know major things to look at.

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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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