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400EX Won't Start

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ok guys, so i just got a 2013 400X a couple days ago, which is basically a 400ex with newer plastics. Anyways I was riding it a couple days ago and it was running PERFECT,then I came back and rinsed it off. After that it wouldn't start.. I'm not sure what it could be but I know it has to be something minor. Dried off electrical connections, changed spark plug, still won't start. The only way it starts is if i put the choke all the way on and hold the gas all the way in and then it sounds like sh*t. It sounds like a carb issue but I didn't fool with any of the screws and didn't get any water in the carb. I'm really stumped guys. Please help me out if you know the problem I was really planning on riding today! Thanks!
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Start with the basics. Fuel air and spark. Remove the airfilter and spray some starting fluid in and see if it fires on that. If it does your not getting fuel. If it dosnt i would then go on to spark. Pull the plug and put it against the side of the engine and see if you have any spark. If you do then we get concerned. Cuz it probably has no compression(very bad news).

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