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400EX Won't Start

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ok guys, so i just got a 2013 400X a couple days ago, which is basically a 400ex with newer plastics. Anyways I was riding it a couple days ago and it was running PERFECT,then I came back and rinsed it off. After that it wouldn't start.. I'm not sure what it could be but I know it has to be something minor. Dried off electrical connections, changed spark plug, still won't start. The only way it starts is if i put the choke all the way on and hold the gas all the way in and then it sounds like sh*t. It sounds like a carb issue but I didn't fool with any of the screws and didn't get any water in the carb. I'm really stumped guys. Please help me out if you know the problem I was really planning on riding today! Thanks!
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I've got a '13 400x also and apparently mine had sat for a year and would only run at nearly full throttle. Wouldn't idle at all. I cleaned the carb and still no good. I decided it would just be simpler to slap a brand new carb on be done with it since I'm not very patient with stuff like that. As soon as new carb was installed it fired up in 2 seconds and I havent had any problems since. Well worth the $180. Be sure to get a Honda carb that matches the stock one. You may have to look around for that price range..some places wanted $250+. Just a suggestion..Good luck!
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