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I have a 2001 400ex bored to a 440 with a wiesco 12.5:1 forged piston, hot rods crank, stage 1 hot cam, sparks x6 exhaust, sparks edition Keihin 39mm fcr carb. the quad started to bog and high rpms then it got to the point where it would bog/miss and any throttle, I've adjusted my valves, cleaned and rebuilt my carb and I'm kind of lost now. i have it running on Sonoco 110(only higher octane fuel around me that isn't 93) i have tried fresh gas, new cdi, new stator, new coil, new spark plug. it has the same jets that it has had before it started doing the missing but they are new(160 main and 50 pilot) any help will be nice, thanks.
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