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400ex sprocket ratio question

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Hey i have a 400ex with a fmf powercore 4 and a k&n airfilter with jets. I was wundering what the best sprocket combination would be to race on a track against other 400's. My rear tires are 18 inches and the front are stock. I am currently running a 16 front and a 36 rear. I have a 15 and 16 front to choose from and a 38 and 36. Out of the sprockets i have, i was wundering which combination would be the best for coming out of corners and jumping but still have a decent top speed.

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Go to a 16 tooth front sprocket, it's cheaper and easier to change the front sprocket plus if you dont like it you can go back to the 15 tooth one easily.
I always ended up with close to stock gearing on mine but rode it on muddy trails and didnt want first gear to be any faster for the slow spots. It had nothing to do with power, it would pull taller gearing just fine.
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