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400EX Parking Brake Removal

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I have removed the parking brake on my 2001 400EX and I like the cleaner look. Is there anyone that makes a new clutch perch that still uses the safety electronics? If not an I buy a new aftermarket clutch perch without the parking brake, what does everyone do with the wires that connect to the stock perch?
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cut them you dont need them or tape them back i also removed my parking brake here is a great clutch perch *NEW HONDA TRX400EX TRX 400EX AOF CLUTCH LEVER & PERCH* | eBay

also make sure you buy a blockoff plate for the caliper
nope no concerns at all btw i have that clutch perch and i love it ,its great quality
that and nobody really uses the parking brake they just put it in gear
no you don't and if you want to be able to start is in gear take those 2 wire and solder them together
1 - 4 of 14 Posts