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400ex makes a grinding noise after running

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Ok so I just bought a 1999 400ex and it ran pretty good and then all the sudden I was riding it like locked down or somthing and I put it in the garage and it had other problems with spark and stuff so eventually I replaced all the wiring on it with a whole new wiring harness and everything and it starts really hard and I got it running last night and it ran good for about 3 minutes and it just shuts of randomly and makes a screeching/grinding noise and I already checked the timing and the clutch can anyone help me?
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You say you checked the timing, did you follow the service manual procedure?
How about the timing chain... How old is it, is it stretched beyond its serviceable limit?

Compression.. Have you performed a test yet? What is the result?

You say you replaced the wiring harness and 'everything'... What is 'everything'? Where did you purchase your replacement parts from?

ALWAYS remember this.... Fault diagnosis is a process of elimination, meaning, replace one part at a time..
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