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400ex chain please help

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Well ladys and gentleman i just recently bought an 01 400ex i dropped about 1500 into it so far and i am having a slight problem on my swingarm the back four allen head bolts that you loosin up to tighten your chain one of them got stripped well i tightened my chain and rode for about 5 min the chain poped off? well this continued till i finally put the bike up... Could that one stripped allen head bolt not bein tightened all the way down cause my chain to be comin off? Thank you very much
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Possibly or it could be a stretched chain. But you can put a bolt with a nut through the holes and crank it down with some lock washers and you will be fine on that part. Try that then if it pops off again your chain is stretched. Or you could pull off the chain set it flat on the ground and try and bend it into a U shape. If it goes pretty far your chain is stretched. If its good it wont even be able to bearly move into a U shape at all.
buy a masterlink and half extension from your local dealer or place you get parts from. Its not just the masterlink its a masterlink and a half. Make sure you tell them that lol i dunno how many times i get just the masterlink and it dont help me at all. They are gunna ask if its and o-ring chain or a non also just an fyi.
actually if its only a half a tooth short take out the allan bolts in the bearing carrier and spin it. When you spin it around thats your fine chain adjustment. As your chain stretches over time you have to bring that in a little bit. You may be able to make it work if you put it all the way in.
there should be one side of the bearing carrier sticking out one side. There will be some holes where you can stick an allan wrench in and push forward or back with. The bearing carrier is in the swingarm in a way that if you do this it will adjust the chain looser or tighter. You want just a little slack in the chain dont crunch it all the way tight.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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