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Back at it again.

well, I replaced my cam chain with the CFR450R chain. if the lengths are supposed to be dead even, then my original cam chain was stretched out over 1/4 inch.

This is why I've been destroying valves with my piston. :)

I've got a problem. I have everything back together, and the quad starts up PERFECT and idles PERFECT. didn't miss a beat when I started it up after putting everything back together.


when I push the gas at ALL, it bogs out. if i let off, it comes back to idle just fine. if I keep it pressed at all, it will just die out.

I'm thinking I may have tweaked a valve on the exhaust side (I slammed them into the piston the first time I jumped the chain and replaced them).
But from what I've heard, if I have a valve problem I should be experiencing issues with all motor functions. Yet she idles perfect.

I have an old Lectron carb with NO jets, just a slide and needle. If the flat side if the needle is not facing the motor, would it cause this type of issue as well?

I just ordered all new valves as my LAST chance with this thing. after this, if it doesn't work, she's being stripped down and sold off in parts on ebay. Never, EVER buy an old raced 400ex without keeping an extra 1000$ to put back into the top end.

I was just sitting here thinking about it. I never checked to see if it was facing the engine when I put it together.

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I'm not familiar with that type of carb, so I can't answer that question.

As for the bent valve, maybe do a compression test.
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