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3rd starter on my 2006 Rubicon

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Does anyone have an idea why I have replaced so many starters? 3 since 2006
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sounds like there is too much strain on the starters ? may want to check to see if the engine can be turned over easliy by hand..if not..then you got some bearings or something hanging up.
yeah..something is putting some strain on the starter...they shouldn't go out that fast.
I fixed a 660 Raptor a while back that wouldn't turn over with a new battery and a good starter and that was what was wrong with it. It would turn over sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't, mostly it wouldn't. The Rubicon is a little smaller engine, so it may turn over, but just put a lot of extra strain on the starter.
i'll tell you something else it could be too..the one way bearing may be hanging..draging the turn..over heats it ??..just a thought.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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