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hi all,
our Honda was run without oil and the engine seized. ive taken the head and the piston was seized.Managed to get the pot off and the piston is seized on the gudgeon pin. With loads of playing plenty of heavy duty special tools got the gudgeon pin out. Ive had the pot bored out and a new piston with rings etc. Ive managed ...eventually to get the new gudgeon pin to smoothly slide in the conrod so getting there slowly. Ive used the recoil starter and the oil pump is pumping well.
Im thinking about draining the oil out leaving the drain plug out then using a small pump use diesel to thoroughly wash the engine out several times.
With your lads experience should I instead strip the engine out completely or will the washing out,new oil etc be acceptable?

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Depends on how competent you are, and whether or not you believe the engine has been sunk/ filled with water at any point.

The safe bet it to always assume the worst, tear it down, and clean it out. Then you know exactly what you have.

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