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Been working on the rear brake drum on this 350 I'm fixing for my wife's uncle.

It was STUCK. Have heated with MAPP torch, PB Blaster, hammer, pry bars, even welded on the drum to try to get it really hot...NOTHING.

I unbolted the backing plate, slid the whole axle out with backing plate and drum, put it in my press.

Cranked, cranked, cranked, nothing....keep in mind I've been soaking and heating this thing over and over again for two weeks.

Then I get a big "CRACK" and...the backing plate exploded. Flew apart into 3 pieces. Axle is still stuck in the drum.

Repositioned it, tried again, and was terrified that something was going to explode and send a piece of steel through me. I had THAT much pressure on this thing. I finally chickened out and stopped applying pressure with the press, got a deadblow hammer and started beating on the drum.

On the third whack it sounded like a gunshot and the axle popped loose.

Worst one I've had yet.

Had to order a new used backing plate on ebay.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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