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350 Fourtrax might have a fan problem

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I've noticed lately that the fan on my 2001, 350 Fourtrax doesn't seem to coming on, anyone know where the fuses are located, kids lost the owner manual I expect it would show in it. if there is a diagram of the fan circuit that would help
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more info on 350 fourtrax with fan problem

the battery supplies 12 volts to the fuse for the fan when the key is turned on, this puts 12 volts to the fan, by using a needle to puncture the GREEN wire at the fan and using a clip lead ground to the motor, the fan will run, normally, the temperature sensor would complete the ground, I did not find a relay or fan module. other information that I found suggested there might be a relay or module but the information was for other Honda models. Hope this might help someone
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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