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Hey guys I'm clueless lol. What's a 317 bbk like acronym and all what does it replace where does it go and what's its purpose.
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It's a big bore kit, meaning it in increases the size of the bore (in your engine)
The bore is where the piston travels up and down.
A 300 is actually a 280cc (or thereabouts) the 317 BBK uses a different liner/sleeve within the bore to increase CC's.
Basically, the bigger the bore, the bigger the CC's, the bigger the CC's the bigger the power.

Is that any help? That's in the simplest terms I can think of lol.
Carb jet kits are sometimes needed when you fit an upgrade exhaust or a BBK. All jets are are little brass screws with a small hole through the middle. The bigger the hole the more fuel it lets through. So, the bigger your engine is the bigger your jet may need to be.

Clutches... there are change clutches which are used when you change gear and then there is the centrifugal clutch.
Again, the more power you have the more chance of your clutch slipping or failing. It's not necessary to fit upgraded clutches but it's always advised.
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Yes that did explain a lot thanks for sharing the info. So then what how does a jet kit work? Also what's the use in clutch kits? Thanks just wanna be able to learn as much as I can.
With regards to as learning as much as possible, it takes time and nobody here will judge you for your lack of knowledge. Don't be afraid of asking what you may think is a silly question, no question is silly if you genuinely don't understand.

My advice would be to follow project threads and read through all the 'sticky threads' in the repair and maintenance section.
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