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Hey guys I'm clueless lol. What's a 317 bbk like acronym and all what does it replace where does it go and what's its purpose.
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I have a 317 kit in my Blue 300 , it is a 300 jug bored to accept a 350 sleeve and piston
350 Rancher specifically, not to be confused with the older 350's.
So my 317 was bored to .025 over stock , so what it going be now , maybe 320-322 ?

I assume you mean .25mm over ? There is no .025" over as far as I know? That would be around .635mm over, Honda sells OEM pistons in 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1mm typically. I'm not sure about aftermarket pistons though. If it's .25mm it's 319cc, if it's .025" it's 322cc

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I did forget the " .0 " , thanks for straightening that out for me , you are so right , .025 over is what I meant , so 322 is the answer ----so .050 would be about 327 , which is a cool number for an engine size , a 327 mouse , hope I don't see that day soon , I know you don't care much for the 317, Mac', I might be starting to agree with you , seems I may be in the process learning something I was told recently , that the 300 jug is bored so thin from cramming the 350 sleeve into it , that when the cold water hits the engine and causes rapid cooling that it shortens the life
50 thou over would be bang on 327cc
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