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MY 2000 Honda 300EX sitting on ground and stuck in some unknown forward gear. Couldn't get into neutral. Pushed backward with some effort (still in some forward gear) and could feel the engine going through it's cycles -- pushed backward around 10 feet then heard and felt a"clunk" and the ATV was now in neutral. I am guessing the "clunk" was the transmission coming out of gear and into neutral --
(1) -- Is this correct??
(2) -- Could there have been any damage either from pushing backward 10 feet while in some forward gear?? Or from the clunk when slipping out of gear into neutral??
(3) -- Could there have been any damage from the action of slipping from "in gear" to neutral??
(4) -- I have heard the 300EX is known for difficulties in getting out of gear and into neutral when idle -- and frequently needing to be rocked back and forth to get it into neutral (when idle, not when riding) -- Is what we did about the same as rocking back and forth?? or could our 10 foot push have caused some damage??
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