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300ex Reverse/neutral wires in motor

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First..thanks for the help from all of yall throughout my ??'s on the hole in case fixed and i finally got my beast to fire/crank/idle for the first time in more than a I'm having problems with the wires on clutch side of motor where two wires go in..i loose power at switch then I wiggle wire where goes into motor and fires up..but sometimes it just pops and I loose power..and if i disconnect/connect batt cable and neutral light comes back on..wiggle wires once more and it starts up again..any ideas on what's going on..
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Sounds like you have a bad neutral switch If you have the stock clutch perch on the quad locate the little micro switch on the lever, disconnect the 2 wires should be a green and a green/red. make a jumper and connect them together and see if that cures your problem?
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