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I have a 1994 trx300ex in the barn and I'm wanting to rebuild it with aftermarket parts and make it much faster but I'm not sure what all to do. I want it redone head to toe so if it's for looks or performance I'm all ears. Also doesn't have to be top of the line but also no crap either. Thanks

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First, find a good machinist. Somebody local to you that has an excellent reputation from area shops is best but we can recommend a few if you need to mail out your cylinder and head.

Next, don't buy anything engine related yet. Let your machinist measure a few things first and if he is very good, he will wait to do your boring until he has the oversize he recommended in his hands to tailor his bore to your new piston.

Faster? Get a bigger bike. How fast do you want to go? Given that it is a 22 year old bike, body plastics will be tough to find. Not impossible, but tough.

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