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300ex rear disc brake on a 250ex

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the title says it all. is there any way to put the 300ex rear disc brake setup on the 250ex? thanks in advance.
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that's what I thought but I have always wondered about it. like if the brake disc hub form the 300ex would thread onto the 250ex axle. huh oh well.
yeah, the only reason i want to try this is because i think the rear wheel hubs from the 300ex will fit on my axle. cause there is a website that i seen that says the 300ex extended wheel hubs will fit the 250ex rear axle, which makes sense cause the 300ex isn't much bigger than my 250ex. so I might have to try this when it starts to warm up and the snow is gone. right now i'm focusing on making my 250ex wider and putting some nice aluminum wheels on it, and then after that it's time to go inside the motor and get some more ponies out of it.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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