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300ex need help!!!

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ok my clutch is bad on my 300ex and every gears its like the clutch is hanging on and i just ordered the clutch pads and friction plates and my bro said i wouldnt really need to buy the spring but is he right r i need the springs 2???
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If it were my quad I would order the whole kit. Not saying your brother is wrong but a weak link is a weak link no matter where it is. your springs have been in your quad since it was new I am presuming if so you have to look at it like this...How many times have you pulled and released your clutch? compressing and expanding the springs. If you were to replace the clutch in your car or truck you wouldn't just replace the friction plate you would replace the pressure plate too ...Same thing here. Besides if you loose a clutch again and you tear it down and find a spring in a million pieces you will be kicking yourself because not only did you tear up new clitches you have just ruined your clutch basket too. Just my thoughts though. the springs will run you an extra 10 bucks on top of hte 90 or 100 you'll spend for a good clutch kit.
I'll take a set!!! lol

ok thanks i got a friend that owns a honda place and gives ,e free stufff so ill get an ebc clutch
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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