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300ex jetting problem/questions

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I got a 1996 300ex with a k&n w/ outerware and removed airbox lid and a hmf slip on with stock head pipe. Really no other performance mods but i got a 40 pilot with a 130 main in it does that sound correct? Cuz i tryed 2 do a spark plug check but its freezing cold here and almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. The new plug i put in came out still shiny and looked new still. Shouldnt it have come out like a brown color?
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I got it goin down the road and froze. lol. but i got 2 5th gear with the tires spinning and it still dont look brown my brother said it sounds like im running way lean does my jetting sound ok 2 u tho?
Yea i think my jets are wrong if ur running just a little higher then me and u got all that stuff done to ur motor and a full head pipe. Ive got limited mods and im only one step below what ur running. Thanks for the help guys.
Oh i will for sure. but u were saying winter to summer u have to change ur jets? Cuz i dont think ive ever done that but it makes sense now that u say it.
The jetting was fine in the summer altho just this winter i took off the air box lid and got an outerwear. The only other thing i did was pull the spark arrestor out. The thing is i dunno if it bored or anything cuz ive never opened the motor up cuz its always just ran perfect never smoked or anything like that. But i got it from some ppl who lets just say had no clue what they were doing with it.
In the summer the jetting seemed fine i mean the plug was a light brown everytime i changed it. This winter was when i took the lid off and got the outerwear so i figured i would need to rejet it. I had a 128 and a 38 before winter. So i only went one step up i guess.
Thank You guys for all your help but i got one more question. Would my needle being set 2nd from the top cause the issue im having?
I got a hmf slippy removed airbox lid and a k&n with outerwear and i took the spark arrestor out if that means anything?
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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