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300ex I lost all power

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I have a problem losing electrical power then it magicaly comes back. My daughter rode for about 20-30 mins and her quad just kinda died. The starter would not work the solenoid doesnt click, it would not pull start, so I am guessing no power to the plug.
The same problem happened yesterday and we towed it back in and I went through the connections checking them today and could not find anything wrong. Then after putting a different fuse in it started working fine. I figured it was the fuse, but after it quite again I checked the fuse and it was fine again?
If the stator gets hot could it go to ground and cause everything else to go also? I also cant get my nuetral and reverse lights working, I know the bulbs are good. I get ground on the nuetral, but not the reverse checking at the case. Sorry for the long post but I dont know if all this is related. Thanks for any and all help.
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Its not the battery, I have cleaned all the grounds and all the post. Is there a way to test the rectifier/reg? If it was going out wouldnt it under charge / over charge the battery? I am still tracing. I can jump across the terminals on solenoid and I still dont get power to to the plug. Does the neutral or reverse control the cdi telling it when it is ok to start? I know I can start mine in gear but I have a aftermarket cdi? I guess I dont understand what the stater does, is it like a alternator? Thanks for the help
Well it magically started again, The reverse inhibitor is bad or has a bad spot in it. The reason the N & R lights didnt work is because the inhibitor has a bad spot in it. For some reason it controls the lights. I had to fix the plug on the nuetral plug in on the case and re cleaned the grounds again. It started again so I will see how long this last again?
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