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300ex homemade choke cable

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are there any out there? im going to do one but was hoping someone else has already done this or have some pointers?
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What is a choke cable? Im just curious. Never heard of one i dont think.
I've seen plenty of choke cables, but never one on a 300EX. Those chokes on the 300EX ARE hard to get to. I imagine that's why he wants one.
the 300ex dont have a choke cable thats why i say i need to make one for it. its hard to get to and on mine its either all the way on or off so i figure a cable will help that to so i can adjust it.
Yeah, when the choke is all the way on, you can't hardly get your hand in there to turn it back off.
That big square frame rail is in the way too.
Yeah, it should be pretty easy to rig something up, especially since you have all kinds of bikes and quads to get parts from.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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