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300ex homemade choke cable

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are there any out there? im going to do one but was hoping someone else has already done this or have some pointers?
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the 300ex dont have a choke cable thats why i say i need to make one for it. its hard to get to and on mine its either all the way on or off so i figure a cable will help that to so i can adjust it.
im going to make one for mine i already have it all planned out and it wont be very hard at all. ill post some pics of it. and let u all know how it goes.
will do. im going to get the cable monday.
ya the frame rail is the main problem. but it should work perfect since its so close to the frame rail i can either clamp it on there or i can use a self tapping screw maybe but i dont want to risk weaking the frame by drilling a small hole in it either? but once i mount it i am going to make a simple modification the the choke lever depending on what type of choke cable i can grab? my buddy has a cycle shop down here and he has lots of old broken down bikes and quads and he's gonna let me look around. and then ill probly just run the cable up between the handle bars and headlight? i think it will work what do u think?
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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