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300ex fresh oil leak need some help!

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my 2006 300ex sprung a very small oil leak today on the cam shaft seal that goes between the valve cover and the head. was wondering if that seal will pop out so i can put some silicone on it. i have already determined that the cause was from the factory sealent deteriorating :mad:
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I had an idea hit me I could lift the outside lip and put valve cover sealent all around it.? if not looks like I will be biting the bullet and pulling the rocker cover I have a service manual here so I'm prepared.and thank you for mentioning the valve adjustment I forgot it would effect clearances
Well I tried my sneaky ******* fix and one hour later of running it's bone dry. Hope it keeps sealed if I do have to take the cover off I will let the Honda dealer do it. It will cost me but atleast I will be able to sleep at night thanks guys
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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