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300ex fresh oil leak need some help!

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my 2006 300ex sprung a very small oil leak today on the cam shaft seal that goes between the valve cover and the head. was wondering if that seal will pop out so i can put some silicone on it. i have already determined that the cause was from the factory sealent deteriorating :mad:
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I had an idea hit me I could lift the outside lip and put valve cover sealent all around it.? if not looks like I will be biting the bullet and pulling the rocker cover I have a service manual here so I'm prepared.and thank you for mentioning the valve adjustment I forgot it would effect clearances
yeah..pull the valve cover..use honda bond or yamaha bond..i use yamaha bond..but they both will work..and do adjust your valves after you put the valve cover back on. it's not hard at all to do..maybe 20 or 30 min's tops.
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