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Alright guys, got a strange one. Bought my 93 300EX about 6 months back. It's been a great quad so far, but I've been fighting oil leaks since I've owned it. About 2 months into owning it, I gave in and pulled the motor. The first leak I found was right under the sprocket, and was not coming from the sprocket itself. The case around that area was all mangled up, so I assume it threw a chain before I owned it. As you can see in the picture, I slapped some gasket maker on it (yes, not the greatest idea) and it did seal the leak and was still sealed until I pulled it apart today. I pulled the motor again yesterday because another leak had arisen by the rear bottom motor mount. As I look at it, It looks like somebody had gone in there and welded it up, probably sealing up a leak behind it. My questions are: 1. Has anyone ever had a problem similar to this? 2: What the heck should I do going about fixing this?


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