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Hi, I have a 1996 TRX300ex and am rebuilding the swing arm carrier/axle bearing. I saw online you can buy the entire piece with bearings but I am impatient and wanted today so bought a rebuilt kit from a local Bearing supplier. I believe my carrier is an aftermarket because the old bearings were almost twice as wide as the "stock" ones he showed me.

I have a few questions based on the pic.

1) as part of the kit included (2) #30's in the picture part number 91353-HA2-003 O-RING, BEARING HOLDER (ARAI) I can't seem to find where these go.. they are O-rings flat on one side and round on the other. Would they go here as in the 2nd pic in the grooves on the outside of the carrier?

2) #29 in the picture is labelled as part # 91351-737-752 O-RING, ROTARY CASE and says 1 is required . I can not see where there was this O-ring anywhere on the assembly before. where does this go? and if it's an aftermarket carrier do you think I need it?

Thanks very much for any help


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That is an aftermarket carrier. The seals were on the stock carrier to try and keep mud out of the swingarm. Aftermarket carriers do not have them at all. Coat the outside of the carrier in never seize and send it. Never had an issue out of the 100s i have done.
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