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300 fourtrax 4x4 front driveshaft problems

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I have a 96 Honda 300 4x4 with an 88 motor swapped in it. The previous owner had put the front driveshaft from the 96 in and it was slipping splines cause it was too short, so I got an older model long one and I can't get it to go in with my front diff if my life depended on it. It looks the correct length now I just can't seem to squeeze the diff in with it. Is there a secret to this I'm missing.
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Fish, mac...... Correct. Me if I'm mistaken , being he has a 96 with a 88 motor , could he add a 424 kick out , OR ...... Would there need to be some modding on the 424 input n out put shafts ? If not, Taco a 424 is a perfect add on for a 300 fwd..... Fish, jeep, n i run them on ours + a few others run them as well.
I understand completely, lol they aren't cheep...... Sometimes you can luck up on a good buy, jeep did real good on his, but i can't recall how much, but it was a good buy IMO , if i was you, I'd add that to the ol to do list, when you get one, you'll love the option of ether two wheel drive OR four wheel drive.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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