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300 fourtrax 4x4 front driveshaft problems

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I have a 96 Honda 300 4x4 with an 88 motor swapped in it. The previous owner had put the front driveshaft from the 96 in and it was slipping splines cause it was too short, so I got an older model long one and I can't get it to go in with my front diff if my life depended on it. It looks the correct length now I just can't seem to squeeze the diff in with it. Is there a secret to this I'm missing.
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When I changed the driveshaft I put a better diff I had laying around in incase I had stripped some splines. But i noticed I don't have the spring in the shorter one that the longer one does. Would that cause it to jump the splines that bad?
My bad the shorter shaft is the one with the spring still in it. So with me using the shorter driveshaft that fits and everything has good splines on it with a good diff what would y'all think could make it do that jumping in and out.
I've looked into them just can't justify spending that much on one right now
I have a known good front diff and everything has all it's splines and looks good if I lay on the front and watch it while it rolls or turns it looks like the driveshaft is popping out of the diff making the diff buckle kind of
Not great I'm leaning towards that being the issue it doesn't look like it's warped any but it is almost rusted all the way through in the front
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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