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300 Fourtrax 2x4 ring pinion gear into 250 Fourtrax 2X4 Dif

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So I was wondering if it's possible to use a 300 Ring pinion gear in a 250 Fourtrax Rear diff.. I'm going to replace the bearings and seals, but my 250 Fourtrax's rear end sounds way worse .. it only grinds doesn't move at all so I figured there's gonna be more than just replacing some bearings to it.. All i can find on ebay is a 300 Ring pinion gear.. its cheap.. I want to keep it that way .
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No it won't work , first thing of many differences is the spline inside the ring gear which connects to the axle is larger on the 300 than on the 250 -------- I talked with one of the guys that is involved with getting after market ring and pinions for the 250/350 rear differentials into production and he says there is a hold up , so there is no after market available at the moment , I doubt you will find a good ring and pinion , look for a whole differential
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