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Hello fellas, I recently aquired a 96 model 300 fw from my father in law. The thing has about 100 miles on and he bought it new. Never been in water or much mud, just what was in his pasture. He has gotten too old to use it anymore(he's 78). The tires started to crack so he just parked it. I replaced the tires and have some brakes coming. They quit working. While I was loading it up the front left wheel locked up on us. Thought it was the brakes so we took the shoes off at his shop and then loaded it up. While unloading it at my shop the same (left front) wheel locked up again. Any ideas what it could be? Maybe the bearings or cv joint? The engine runs well and I put a new battery in it also. When the wheel locked up I just backed up and then tried to go foward and it was fine then. As of now it is in my shop as I am not too keen on breaking down in the woods. Any ideas will help. Thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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