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28” Outlaw 1’s without a gear reduction.

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I have a 2019 Rancher 420 SRA. I just installed a 2” Highlifter lift on the bike. I have a friend of mine willing to give me a set of 28” outlaws but I’m afraid they might be too much for the rancher without a gear reduction. I cannot do the gear reduction on it because it will void my warranty. Any advice?
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First thing I’d do is ditch the lift kit before you have rear u joint issues. The 420’s really don’t like a straight up lift in the rear unless you stretch the swing arm too to lower the u joint angle.

28’s your definitely going to need a GR, I’d stick with 27’s max and even then I’ll guarantee you’ll find mud that will stop them from turning. Some dealers don’t like larger tires so it would be wise to put the aftermarket tires on new wheels and keep the stock tires and wheels if it ever needs to go into the shop.

FYI a GR wouldn’t void the whole warranty. First of all the dealer likely would never realize it was even there, unless you did a pretty large GR I guess then it would be obvious...but if you ended up having electrical issues or something like that then the warranty would be still valid, just don’t expect them to warranty anything drivetrain related.

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