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28” Outlaw 1’s without a gear reduction.

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I have a 2019 Rancher 420 SRA. I just installed a 2” Highlifter lift on the bike. I have a friend of mine willing to give me a set of 28” outlaws but I’m afraid they might be too much for the rancher without a gear reduction. I cannot do the gear reduction on it because it will void my warranty. Any advice?
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don't go any larger than a VERY light eight 27
ranchers are geared higher than other 4x4 honda
s so, you will NOT be happy with these tires at all!

and just a FYI< LARGE tires can also void a warranty, as they add extra stress to drive train parts, alters gearing and shifts
and are no longer the SIZE the OEM designed the atv around
atv has to work a LOT harder to move them and control them!

so honestly going taller than stock size will VOID a warranty IF a dealer WISHES to do so, MOST turn a blind eye to things
but doesn't mean they cannot if they want to!
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