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26" or 27" Bear claw htr on stock 02 450s?

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I recently picked up a clean 02 450s foreman and am looking to upgrade the tires. I dont want to lift it and plan on running the stock wheels. I also was given a spare set of rear wheels with the bike and thought about putting the rear wheels on the front with either 26x11 or 27x11 on them. I am leaning toward the Kenda bear claw htr's. Without the lift do you guys recomend the 26 or 27's. Thanks.


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why does it have 11 inch rims on it ?. they come stock ( from what I own and know ) with 12 inch rims from the factory.
26x11x12 or 27x11x12. I didnt add the rim diameter in the first post.
ahhh..ok. thanks for updating that :). I run nothing but stock size. I know all too well what wrong tires and wrong rims do to atvs..but hey...its as you please :).
oh...and outstanding looking atv !!. these models are built great from the ground up. mine is a '03 trx450fm I restored, love it very much !. where did you get the handle bar grip covers if I may ask ?.
ah..moose, i'll look into them..thanks !.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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