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Up for sale is my 1985 SunRunner. I got a major tune-up done on this boat last October, Oil change, spark plugs, new coil, new cap, new rotor, new ignition! Gaskets on manifolds have been changed as well. Carb was rebuitlt as well. Brand new water/fuel separator, new fuel lines, why am I selling this! The tune-up included a new ignition system, top to bottom, so you don't have to worry about it for years to come. The interior has been completely redone as this used to be a fishing boat. The boat has a Volvo Penta 225 (Chevy 305, 225 HP) engine which has been compression tested and passed, all cylinders are great. For a 21' foot boat, it is pretty fast. Prior to replacing the ignition system, this boat cruised at 45, so it should be only better now. This boat seats 7 comfortably, has 4 captain chairs, and a bench in the back that seats three. There is also a cabin which in reality would sleep 2. The stereo is a Sony Xploid 4x52 watt MP3/CD player and is in a marine casing. There are (6) 6.5" Kicker speakers throughout the boat, and also a 12" AudioBahn Subwoofer powerded by a 600 Watt Amp. This boat is very loud! It also has 2 fully charged batteries with warranties for replacement. Lastly, I think, the boat has a Bimimi Top which is helpful on those sunny days.

The few negatives....the trim doesn't work, not a big concern though, I have a add on purchased from the Bass ProShop that is bolted to the outdrive that makes this boat plane out quickly, increases power, increases fuel economy, just the best $80 I spent on this boat. Second negative, a friend attempted to trailer my boat, caught a rock with the prop, not a huge dent, but it does have a nick in the prop. I am looking for a replacement and will include in the purchase. The dent is not noticeable though when you are on the water, the boat still gets up to speed and doesn't give me any problems. Third thing, the temp gauge on the boat, or the sending unit on the engine, one or the other is bad. Sending unit, $30, temp gauge, maybe $50. Mechanic noticed it, checked the engine, runs at normal temp, so it's either of the two, engine is running cool.

The trailer has been sanded and repainted black, and features rollers, makes loading and unloading much easier. The trailer also has it's own brake system, but will need new lines, and new shoes for the drums. Bearings I am working on this week. Going to replace all 4.The trailer also comes with a spare tire and full function tail lights.

Included with the boat are (7) adult life jackets, an anchor, jumper cables, manual for the boat, a kneeboard with ski line, megaphone for emergencies, bunnie ears for flushing engine, anchor and lots of rope. Might be other things I am forgetting to mention......

The tags on the boat are good until 2011!

This boat is about 4500lbs dry weight plus trailer plus gear, so don't think about buying this if you are planning on towing it with a minivan or small truck.

Anyway, I have additional pictures on my computer if wanted. $4000.00 or best offer (very flexable) is a great deal for this boat. It's brought a lot of fun but I want a pontoon boat! I last took the boat out to Laughlin for Memorial Day weekend. Runs great, was cruising at 35 the whole weekend.

Also welcoming trades. Interested in toys though, sand, mud, dirt and water. Jetskis, quads, pre-runners, travel trailers, sand rails etc.

I am located in Southern California, in San Bernardino.

Email me at Jeremy4775 at or call/text me at (six two six) 373-4045, name's Jeremy.
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