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Title explains much of it.

It's a new 2020 TRX520FM2, and the manual reverse is just a pain to get out of. I'm a smaller woman (5'4" and 120lbs) But I do a walking Mail delivery route as a job, so I do have leg muscles. :ROFLMAO:

I do the normal way of getting into reverse, ATV stopped and level, pull the red part of the left brake lever in, and the brake in, and stomp down into Reverse. Not super easy, but not terrible.

Getting out of reverse. I'm wearing sturdy boots, always. And I Pull the brake, and red lever in, lever my front toe part of the boot in, and try to swing it up... wow.. just incredibly tough. Like, I'll admit to at least once reaching down to hank on it with my right arm. ;-)

I have no other problems up or down shifting with normal riding. With the manual (no clutch)

Any ideas? I almost feel like I should have gotten an electric shift (Had one on another 2006 Yamaha?) but with my motorcycle, I've always done manual. So I kinda feel like I didn't need to get ES?

I use this for many things, but especially for plowing, so not looking forward to plowing being complicated.:-(

Can anyone help a Gal out? Am I missing some action or movement that makes the get out of reverse easier? Heck, I'd almost like a lever or a welded on rocker/for the Heel to stomp it back up... and friend did that hears back on his manual. Gonna call the dealer Monday and ask them.. but advice is always welcome. (y)
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